Frequently Asked Questions

For Estate Owners:

For Estate Shoppers:

I’d like to list an estate sale. Where do I start?
The most important thing you can do from the onset is don’t throw anything away. If you think you’d like to list an estate for sale, give us a call and we’ll help you determine what items would be of value at an estate sale and what prices they might earn.
On what days and during what hours do you host sales?
Our sales run Wednesday through Friday, and our hours vary by day. Generally, on the first day of a sale, we’re open from 8 AM to 6 PM.
What services does Cornerstone offer?
We handle estate sales, moving sales, buy-outs and clean-outs. For all sales, we clean out the home, organize and set up the sale, price all of the items, and, after the end of the sale, remove all remaining items from the home. By the end of our process, the home will be completely empty and ready to turn over to the real estate agent for him/her to prepare to list it.
Can I schedule a pickup for items I’ve purchased after the sale date?
We’re happy to accommodate scheduled pickup times for our larger sale items, provided you schedule your pickup on or before the final sale date.
What is the process of setting up and hosting an estate sale?
First, we’ll set up a meeting at the sale site to view your sale items and discuss the parameters of a potential sale. Once we’ve had the chance to discuss the scope of the sale, we work with clients to settle on a set of dates when the sale will occur.

Once the dates are settled and the contract is signed, our team will begin cleaning the property, setting up the sale, and individually pricing and displaying sale items. We will also go present different advertising options to the estate owner and discuss the client’s after-sale options, including buy-outs and clean-outs, which will depend on the client’s needs, priorities, and timeline.

How do you price items at your sales?
Our sales staff have decades of experience with pricing a wide range of items. We also regularly consult the most widely-used pricing directories to ensure that our prices are always fair and accurate.
What is Cornerstone’s commission?
Generally, we charge a standard 30% commission on all of our sales.
Do you offer discounts or special sales?
In general, we mark down our list prices by 25% on the second day of a sale and 50% on the third day of a sale.

Ready to get started?
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