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Why are estate owners choosing Cornerstone?

Speedy ServiceSpeedy Service

We know you have a busy life. That’s why we get estates cleaned up and ready for sale as soon as possible, so you can check it off your list.

Best-Rated Estate SalesSuperior Sales

Our sale displays are second to none, and our sales staff have years of professional experience at pricing a wide range of items, from appliances to antiques, automobiles and collectibles.

Why Are Estate Shoppers Choosing Cornerstone?

Fair Prices

Fair Prices

Our staff have years of experience at pricing estate belongings, so our prices are always fair and reasonable.

Customer Service

Great Customer Service

We always have extra staff on hand to answer any of your questions and to help you arrange pickup. We make estate shopping seamless.

Fun Atmosphere

Fun Atmosphere

Most of all, we foster a community that loves our estate sales and who make our sales fun, sociable, and engaging.

Upcoming Sales

June 3 – 5: Estate Sale in East Wichita

We are finally back in business. We will have a nice selection of mid-century artwork from Loren G. Janzen (several artist proofs of this "modernist" artist)and an early litho from Alexander Calder (1963).

November 21 – 23: Estate Sale in Derby, KS

If you have a need for speed, then this might be the sale for you. We will feature two cars at this sale, a 1964 Buick Riviera and a 1990 Nissan 300ZX. Both are in very nice to excellent condition (only 34k miles on the 300ZX).

November 1 – 2: Estate Sale in NE Wichita

This is a nice household sale, nothing fancy, just a 2009 Malibu (only 3825 miles, yes, 3825 miles), good selection of appliances, furniture, clothing, jewelry, kitchen/housewares. We hope you can stop and shop at this two-day sale.

Why hire an estate sale company?

An estate sale is typically held during a major life transition, such as a death in the family or a major move, such as into an assisted care facility, out of the country, etc. Our estate sales are arranged, priced, and hosted on-site in the home, typically over the course of two to four days. The contents of your estate have value, and Cornerstone has a loyal community of shoppers who frequent our sales. We’re here to help you get the most cash value out of the estate belongings so that your estate comes away with more monetary value.

Why can’t I run the estate sale by myself?

We are often asked why family can’t arrange and host an estate sale themselves. Our appraisal experts have years of experience pricing and selling items at countless estate sales for prices that are fair and reasonable. We also have a dedicated following of estate sale shoppers that know and frequently attend our sales, so you can expect to reach buyers you wouldn’t normally be able to reach. 

Hiring an estate sale company makes difficult transitions more manageable

During what can be a difficult or emotionally trying transition for estate owners and families, we can offer you personalized attention and the peace of mind knowing that the estate is being taken care of by a company that has years of experience running quality sales.

We know Wichita estate sale shoppers

Our experts have been working at estate sales in the Wichita, KS area and its surrounding communities for several years. We frequently reach a dedicated and loyal community of shoppers who know Cornerstone by name. When you hire Cornerstone for your estate sale, you’re reaching a group of potential buyers who has come to respect our prices and customer service.

Appraising an estate sale

When families hoping to have an estate sale approach us, they don’t always know what the items in the estate are worth or how to find that information. Our estate appraisal experts have years of pricing items for sales – anything from furniture to jewelry, antique items to cars and trucks. The most important thing is that you don’t throw anything away. The first step is to give us a call. From there, we can meet with you in consultation about the value of the items in the estate.

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